Vivark invests in ‘green’ services

PV Panels

Vivark is expanding its services into managing green technologies.

Vivark, part of the Merseyside-based First Ark Group, is investing in its ‘green’ offering, training its workforce to maintain Solar PV & Solar Thermal panels and innovative ‘EcoPod’ heating systems.

The company will take over maintenance of these technologies for social housing client Knowsley Housing Trust (KHT).

KHT is completing the installation of 500 PV panels on properties in Kirkby and Huyton by the end of March, with a potential further 1,000 units to be installed in 2013/14.  The panels can save KHT residents up to £120 a year on their electricity bills.

Vivark will also be helping to maintain the EcoPod communal heating system, which KHT are installing at four blocks of flats in Gaywood Green, Kirkby.  This unique EcoPod system provides hot water and heating to all flats within the blocks, saving tenants up to 60 per cent on their energy bills.

Executive Director of Commercial Services Tony Cahill said: “We are very pleased to have secured this agreement with KHT. This is potentially a huge area of growth for us and in the future we will be looking to undertake the installation and maintenance of these systems for a wide range of clients across the North West.”

Vivark recently signed a two-year deal worth £32m with KHT, the company’s first major contract.

The team of Operatives are being trained to attain MCS accreditation (Micro-generation Certificate Scheme) – a quality mark that demonstrates compliance to industry standards.

By increasing its skills and service offer into the green market Vivark hopes to generate further contracts with across the North West, creating additional jobs in this area of its work in the future.





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