Executive Team

Our Executive team are responsible for the leadership of the organisation.  They are:

Bob TaylorBob Taylor, Group Chief Executive

Telephone: 0151 290 7066

Email: bob.taylor@firstark.com

Bob is a visionary business leader who is passionate about creating the conditions for change which will inspire individuals and give communities the power to generate long term social and economic solutions.

Bob pioneered the creation of the First Ark Group and is intensely proud of its innovative approach and proven results for delivering excellents services and positively impacting on people's lives. Under Bob's leadership, First Ark's bold new business structure, ground-breaking in the housing sector, enables it to maximise the value of its housing and property assets as well as generate truly creative business and community solutions.

The Group uniquely blends business success with delilvering proven and lasting social and economic impact. The commitment to creating social value is in the DNA of First Ark, which is no coincidence given Bob's heartfelt aspiration to really make a difference and create the conditions for greater life opportunities for everyone who wants to take them.


Tony Cahill, Executive Director - Business and Service Development

Tony CahillTelephone: 0151 290 7112

Email: Tony.Cahill@firstark.com

Tony is a dynamic leader with extensive experience in the commercial sector, delivering successful products and service contracts to a variety of public and private organisations. Tony believes in keeping his thinking innovative and is commited to formulating new ways for the Group to approach the opportuninities and challenges which people and communities are facing now and in the long term.

He empowers teams in the Group to transform their fantastic ideas into realilty and is a huge advocate of the power of partnerships in generating opportunities for creating success.




Collette King, Executive Director - Business Transformation


Collette KingTelephone: 0151 290 7009

Email: collette.king@firstark.com

Collette is a people focused leader who believes that business success revolves around recognising and motivating employees and delivering real and sustainable value for customers. Coming from a fast-paced commercial background, Collette has spear-headed business transformation in the First Ark Group, remodelling processes to put customers at the heart of the business and empoweing employees to make a real difference to the customer experience.

Collette is committed to a value-driven business approach which achieves efficiency, better service for customers and sseeks out ways of squeezing more social value from the Group's spend and delivery approach. Business transformation is central to First Ark's ambitions for growth and Collette is sompletely committed to realising those ambitions through the power of putting people first.