Social Responsibility

Some of our employees organising a clean-up activity at Willowbrook Hospice

Our social purpose means we are able to continually invest in the local community within which we operate via commitments with our team, supplier network and day to day services.

We are doing lots of innovative work to add value to customers and generate better opportunities for individuals to create stronger, thriving communities under our social responsibility key themes:

  • Creating and maintaining successful partnerships
  • Achieving excellence through our people
  • Supporting the development of sustainable communities
  • Positively managing the impact we have on our environment 

Some examples of the things we have been doing here at Vivark to do ‘our bit’ include:

  • Using a significant proportion of our profits for real social benefit through investment in the community
  • Offering apprenticeships and employment opportunities for people local to the communities in which we work
  • Working with our supply chain to keep our cash  local and minimise environmental impact
  • Organising workforce volunteering on repairs and maintenance for community projects
  • Supporting community projects including carers projects, football teams and residents’ associations
  • Investing in green technologies and new ways of working which improve the environment.

What this means is every time you work with us you are also having a positive impact on your local community.

If you would like to know more about our social responsibility work or how you can work with us on future projects, please get in touch. Together we can create life changing opportunities for people in our communities.

You can read more about what matters to us here, and you can download our latest Social Accounts here